Rozalie Hirs



Poëziesalon, Van Doesburghuis, Meudon, Frankrijk

On Saturday 5 October 2019 Jaap Blonk is guest-of-honour at Maison Van Doesburg, Meudon Hauts-de-Seine, France. Blonk performs his own musical and poetic works, as well as poems by I.K. Bonset (pseudonym of Theo Van Doesburg). In addition, Rozalie Hirs performs her poems in Dutch, interlaced with Kim Andringa’s reading of her French translations. The event is closed by Daniel Cunin with the lecture Coups de cœur et coups de foudre selon Theo van Doesburg, interlaced with a reading of his French translations. The entrance is free. The performance language is Dutch or French (Blonk’s performance includes other, also imaginary, languages). Since the space is limited, advance reservation through an e-mail to is advised.

The event is part of the ‘Open Saturday’ series at Maison Van Doesburg, hosted by Machiel Spaan (architect) and Rozalie Hirs (composer), who are its artists-in-residence from September through December 2019. The event is inspired by the DADA poetry salons of Theo and Nelly van Doesburg – van Moorsel with Kurt Schwitters, among others, in the nineteen-twenties.

event programme

Rozalie Hirs – poetry reading [Dutch]
Kim Andringa – reading of her Hirs translations [French]
Jaap Blonk – poetry and music performance [multilingual]
Jaap Blonk – reading of Van Doesburg’s poems [Dutch]
Daniel Cunin – lecture Coups de cœur et coups de foudre selon Theo van Doesburg [French]
Daniel Cunin – reading of his Van Doesburg translations [French]

Datum: 2019-10-05
Locatie: Van Doesburghuis, 29 rue Charles-Infroit, Meudon Hauts-de-Seine (Paris), France
Uitvoerder(s): Jaap Blonk, I.K. Bonset/ Theo Van Doesburg, Rozalie Hirs (dichters), Kim Andringa, Daniel Cunin (vertalers)