Valeri Schertjanoi, Jonathan Seville Bragdon, and Rozalie Hirs, 24 January 2014, Kassel, Germany (photograph: ©2014 Gesa Esterer)

You are cordially invited to an evening with Valeri Schertsjanoi, Jonathan Bragdon, and Rozalie Hirs tonight at 3durch3 – reihe sprachkunst in Kassel, Germany. Schertsjanoi will be presenting sound and concrete poetry from his recent collection Partitions Scribentiques published by hochroth, Paris. Bragdon will show graphite drawings accompanied by a reading of his brandnew epic poem on consciousness, and the mind. Rozalie Hirs will read ‘a day’ in several languages (English and German translations by Donald Gardner and Ard Posthuma), ‘der zog meine schuhe an’ (German translation: Ard Posthuma), and perform her electroacoustic composition Bridge of Babel. Welcome!

Read a review of the evening here (Gesa Esterer: ‘Fliegende Augen mit federnden Flügeln’. Hessische Niedersächsische Allgemeine Zeitung, 26 January 2014)