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article 7 [ways to climb a mountain] (2012) by Rozalie Hirs is a microtonal composition for bass clarinet and electronic glissandi, synthesized from pure sine waves, employing binaural beatings and ring modulation only. The instrumental lines are enveloped by, or cut through, the glissandi moving in several large waves. It was written at the invitation of bass clarinettist Fie Schouten and is dedicated to her. article 7 [ways to climb a mountain] (2012) is recorded by Fie Schouten for her solo CD Album Ladder of Escape 11 (Amsterdam: Attacca Productions, 2014).

article 7 [ways to climb a mountain] (2012) is the seventh episode in a series by Rozalie Hirs of solo compositions with or without electronic sounds. The musical materials of article 7 [ways to climb a mountain] (2012) served as a starting point for the solo works article 6 [waves] (2013) and article 8 [infinity] (2014) for electric guitar and flute respectively. The three pieces can either be played separately as solo works, or in conjunction, i.e. simultaneously, as the trio infinity stairs (2014). All mentioned works were composed with financial support of a Stipend by the Netherlands Foundation for the Performing Arts.

Fie Schouten: Ladder of Escape 11 (Amsterdam: Attacca Publishing, 2014) with works by Stockhausen, Kagel, Rozalie Hirs, Robin de Raaff, Unsuk Chin

technical details

article 7 [ways to climb a mountain] (2012) was commissioned by Fie Schouten, with financial support of a Stipend by the Netherlands Foundation for the Performing Arts.

bass clarinet
electronic sounds

a MIDI pedal for triggering the electronic sounds, to be played by the bass clarinettist on stage, and laptop

12′ ca.

Rozalie Hirs’s music scores are published by Deuss Music. The score of article 7 [ways to climb a mountain] (2012) can be purchased through this link (click here).

further technical requirements
1.) QLAB software, to be installed on the above mentioned laptop
2.) The ‘article 7’ QLAB sampler, to be obtained through Deuss Music
3.) Amplifier and mixer in the concert hall
4.) Stereo loudspeakers, to be placed on stage
5.) Optional amplification of the bass clarinet (i.e. microphone, cables)


24 October 2021, 20:00, infinity stairs (portretconcert Rozalie Hirs), LOOS, De Constant Rebecqueplein 20-B, 2518 RA Den Haag, The Netherlands – Fie Schouten (basklarinet)

29 augustus 2021, 15:00, portretconcert Rozalie Hirs, Huize Gaudeamus/ Walter Maashuis, Bilthoven – Fie Schouten (basklarinet)

13 mei 2021, 20:00, infinity stairs (portretconcert Rozalie Hirs), Up close serie, Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ, Amsterdam – Fie Schouten (basklarinet)

21 October 2021, 16:00, infinity stairs (portretconcert Rozalie Hirs), Martin Luther Church, Amsterdam – Fie Schouten (basklarinet) *POSTPONED DUE TO THE PANDEMIC*

1 December 2019, 13:30 CET, MikroFest 2019, Huygens-Fokker Foundation, Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ (Kleine Zaal), Amsterdam – Fie Schouten (basklarinet)

23 July 2017, 15:00 CET, Zomer aan de Roossloot, Kunstboerderij, Voert 18A, 1861 PE Bergen – Fie Schouten (basklarinet)

17 May 2017, Residency and workshop by Fie Schouten, Universität für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Wien, Vienna, Austria – Fie Schouten (basklarinet) – Austrian premiere

12 February 2016, 19:30 CET, Recital Fie Schouten, Concert Hall, Music Center of Columbia College, 1014 S. Michigan Ave, Chicago, United States – Fie Schouten (basklarinet) – North American premiere
20 February 2015, 20:30, Rozalie Hirs (portrait concert): Poetry and Music, Ostadetheater, Amsterdam – Fie Schouten (basklarinet)

17 September 2014, 20:30, Infinity Stairs, Bethaniënklooster, Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Fie Schouten (basklarinet)

13 April 2014, 14:00 CET, het noordbrabants museum, Verwersstraat 41, ’s-Hertogenbosch – Fie Schouten (basklarinet)

16 February 2014, Bassklarinetten-Konferenz, Grassi Museum, Leibzig, Germany – Fie Schouten (basklarinet) – German premiere

18 April 2013, 20:00 CET, Handmade Homegrown, Theater Dakota, Zuidlarenstraat 57, The Hague, The Netherlands – Fie Schouten (basklarinet)

13 November 2012, 20:30 CET, Karnatic Lab, De Badcuyp, De Badcuyp, Eerste Sweelinckstraat 10, Amsterdam – Fie Schouten (basklarinet)

11 November 2012, Kunstmuziekroute, November Music, Lutherse Kerk, Verwersstraat 49, Den Bosch – Fie Schouten (basklarinet) – wereldpremière (3 concerten)

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