Op 20 november 2011 om 14:00 uur voert het Quatuor Bozzini de muziekcompositie Zenit (2010) van Rozalie Hirs uit op het Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival te Hudderfield, Engeland.

James Weeks – String Quartet (to Alberto Caeiro)
Richard Glover – Seventh Inversions
Rozalie Hirs – Zenit

The Bozzini Quartet bring their uncompromising austerity and generous sensitivity to hmcf// for the fourth time with a programme that explores the outermost bounds of the practice we once called minimalism. Two UK premieres and one world premiere explore uncharted regions of a warmly human, ineffable space of unknown possibilities.

Datum: 2011-11-20
Tijd: 14:00
Locatie: Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, St. Peter’s Church, Byram Street, Huddersfield, Engeland
Uitvoerder(s): Quatuor Bozzini

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